Thursday's weather conditions lived up it its blustery prediction. Higher elevations received better than 6 inches of snow, and the valley area received a dusting to 3 inches. Interestingly, the weather is about to become even more abnormal.

April is predicted to exit with temperatures that our warmer than seasonal temperatures. After as snowy, blustery and cold Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will rise into the 50s and 60s over the weekend and then into the 70s and even upper 70s by Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's possible that on Thursday and Friday, the local region will see temperatures of around 80 degrees.

Here's what we're looking at for the final week of May 2021.

Monday- 55º Partly Cloudy

Tuesday- 72º Partly Cloudy

Wednesday- 78º Partly Cloudy

Thursday- 76º Partly Cloudy

Friday- 66º Showers

Temperatures are about to take an upward turn with 70s and upper 60s prevailing over the next 10 days. Stay tuned to WIBX for the most accurate and up to the minute forecast.

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