There's an alarming trend across the country as there's been a rise in suicides among veterans. While suicide has always been a problem with some former members of the military, it seems that the pandemic is wreaking havoc on this group of Americans, according to Viet Nam veteran and author Joe Whitaker (JF Whitaker).

"America is witnessing a troubling rise of suicides among veterans. The COVID-19 pandemic spiraled many veterans into unemployment and depression. Nationally, the rate of unemployment among veterans rose from 2.3 percent in April of 2019 to 11.7 percent one year later, and that was before the peak of the pandemic’s effects," according to Whitaker.

"The same amount of training that gets veterans prepared for the military needs to be used to prepare them for leaving the military," said Whitaker.

Veterans are almost universally in the high risk category for the coronavirus. They are also more likely to commit suicide with a gun than the rest of the general population, at a rate of about 70 percent. The holidays are an especially tough time for many veterans. Why are we seeing the rise of suicides among veterans? What can be done to prevent it? What are warning signs of suicide?

Joe Whitaker, author of the The Day Before I Died and a noted veteran, and a near suicide himself, was a guest on WIBX's Keeler Show on Monday. To purchase the book, visit Amazon books for options.

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