Whether it's safety and insurance issues or mechanical maladies, automotive recalls or legislative matters, car care is something everyone needs and service can very wildly. This week Ed Welsh is in studio to discuss reviewing your automobile policy.

Ed Welsh of AAA Northeast is in studio to talk about getting a spring tune up on your automobile policy. He talks about the problems you can face if you ever end up underinsured as s simple mishap can end up costing you more than you thought.

Ed talks about the risk of only buying minimal coverage, what low cost options you may not want to overlook and why shopping solely on price is not a good idea.

Lastly, Ed talk about what tools exist online to ensure you are picking a good insurance company.

Ed Welsh hosts the weekend segment, AutoTalk, on WIBX that covers a wide array of automotive topics exploring each from their simplest aspects to the most complex problems every Saturday from 8AM-9AM.


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