According to the front page of the Bangor Daily News, a "mystery beast" spotted by a trail camera in the Maine woods is either a cat, a fox...or a deep-fried burrito?

The unfortunate Nov. 21 front page tease did generate some funny discussion on Reddit, under the heading, "I think they meant chupacabra ..."

But it appears the mistake might not be a mistake after all, just a reference to a joke within the column.

The column by outdoors writer John Holyoke does mention the fact that upon seeing the photo, one "apparently hungry reader ... stepped out of the animal realm and suggested my photo showed a chimichanga."

So clearly, the writers (at least Holyoke) at the paper know the difference between the Mexican dish (the chimichanga) and the blood-sucking mystery beast (the chupacabra.) I suppose we can assume the copy editors do, too.

But the more than 535 Reddit commenters probably didn't bother to read Holyoke's column, so the joke (again, we assume it was a joke) was lost upon them. They did come up with some gems, though, including:

I went to Bangor High School and graduated in '96.....I always wondered what happened to my Science experiment that one night in May '95 after eating at Pepinos -- Citizenicu

Why do you think they can never find actual evidence of the chupacabra? They taste so good people eat them before there is time to make evidence --WrethZ

I have had plenty of Chimichangas that tore me up way worse than a Chupacabra ever could -- zidanetribal

Next stop, Jay Leno.

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