Oh the days of collecting and trading baseball cards in my youth. I remember them well, and wish I knew then what I know now.


Because I would have sold them all as a kid and collected a nice chunk of change. Actually, I would have had a ball of cash!

Most of those cards from my childhood - late 80's through the 90's - are barely worth the cardboard they're printed on today. Heck, 20 years ago I could get twice as much, if not more, for the cards from that era that actually did have some value.

Through the years I wondered how the hobby was able to still survive. These things are worthless right? Well, what I didn't know is that there's a new approach to card printing.

The cards aren't produced in bulk anymore. At least not to the extent they were when I was a kid. Instead of card companies printing, literally, millions of the same card they offer 'limited' print runs. For a further explanation of the card collecting and sports memorabilia industry - and how the value of the hobby has bounced back - I spoke with Tom Napoli of Hall of Frames Sports Collectibles in Yorkville, NY:

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