Have you seen the man in the photo or know who it might be?  If so, the police in Bethlehem are asking you to contact them.


Photo: Google Maps
Walmart in Glenmont - where a man stole 5 long guns on Tuesday morning and has yet to be found

The Bethlehem Police Department is looking for a man dressed head to toe in black who smashed a gun case inside of a Walmart early Tuesday morning and fled with 5 long guns.

An unidentified man - who police say used a fire extinguisher to access the guns -  fled out the back and disappeared into a wooded area behind the Glenmont Supercenter.

Photo: Bethlehem Police
Bethlehem Police are looking for this man who robbed Walmart early on Tuesday morning

According to a statement on their Facebook page, the Bethlehem Police say the robbery took place on Tuesday morning shortly after 1 AM.  That's when they say they responded to a call from the Walmart at 311 Rt. 9 in Glenmont for a burglary in progress.

​Bethlehem Police Officers, along with members of the Albany County Sheriff’s Department and New York State Police, searched the wooded area behind Walmart and were able to recover the stolen long guns, as well as property belonging to the suspect. -Bethlehem Police Facebook

They say the man, dressed completely in black, broke into the Garden Center entrance and smashed open a gun case using a fire extinguisher.  They say he nabbed 5 long guns and disappeared out the back of the store through the Sporting Goods Emergency Exit.

Once he got out of the back, Bethlehem Police say he vanished into a wooded area - near where the loading trucks are normally parked - near Bender Lane.

Photo: Google Maps
The area behind the Supercenter where a man fled with 5 guns early on Tuesday morning. Bethlehem Police want you to contact them in you have any information

Police say they were able to recover all 5 of the stolen guns, but haven't yet apprehended the man responsible.

​Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Bethlehem Police Department at 518-439-9973.

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