It feels like we've got so much of the earth figured out.  Science has figured out so many intricate things.  So why can't we find Bigfoot?

It goes by many names...Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti.  As soon as you hear the words, you can picture it.  But who has actually seen one?  Does it actually exist?  Just like the Loch Ness Monster, there are plenty who will go to their graves claiming that not only does it exist - but they've seen one with their own eyes.

It's described as an enormous ape-like creature that is covered with hair and has huge feet and hands.

How do we know that's what it looks like?  People claim that they've seen one.  And I'm not just talking about some people in a land far away.  There have been people from right here in New York that have claimed to have seen it.

There is a website from the Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization that tracks all of the sightings and even "close encounters" that include sounds heard and things like prints.

The most recent happened in 2020 in Ontario County near Middlesex, NY on public hunting grounds in the swamp of the West River.  This is their claim that they submitted in March of 2021:

"During bow season I and my brother were hunting. We got into the woods before daybreak. As daylight was approaching the woods never got active. No animals or birds were heard or were visible. About 2 hours into the hunt, all was quiet. It was then that I heard a very loud wood knock. Startled the hell out of me. It was northeast of me in the swamp. My first thought was, "You can't be serious." A wood knock here?

I stayed put for another hour, hour and a half. Then made my way back to my vehicle. My brother was already there. His first words were, "Did you hear that wood knock?" We discussed it and came to the conclusion that something weird was going on. About 3 weeks later during gun season the same damn thing happened in the same area."


That one is just a "wood knock" that they heard.  But the thing to point out is that all the other animals were they were afraid of something.

All in all there have been 117 sightings of Big Foot in New York State.  You can check them all out here.  One of the creepiest is one that happened in Erie County in 1998:

"As we were riding, over the motor I heard a high pitched whistling and a rustling not far behind us (we had to ride slow because we weren't on real trails), and, when I looked back, I had the impression that a large, black bulk was chasing us. Then, the truly terrifying part occurred: I looked upon two yellow, glowing eyes."

That's 117 different reports of people who claim that they have seen this mysterious monster.  Is it real?  Have they seen it?  Is it really in our backyards?  It's hard to believe that it isn't after reading all of those reports.  But how could it be a mystery all these years?

What do you think?


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