Bigfoot is on the move across the Hudson Valley!

Coming off the heels of a creepy sighting in Poughkeepsie, a new report and photo are alleging that Bigfoot has been spotted in Sullivan County.

Bigfoot's Hudson Valley History

For years there have been reported sightings of Bigfoot in the  Hudson Valley. One sighting, in particular, sparked the idea behind Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley. Gayle Beatty has shared her story many times of her first encounter with Bigfoot in Pine Plains near Stissing Mountain.

Bigfoot Print Castings from the Bigfoot Researchers of the HV/J.Buono
Bigfoot Print Castings from the Bigfoot Researchers of the HV/J.Buono

Since that encounter years ago, Beatty has been collecting her own evidence as well as hearing stories from others across the mid-Hudson region who have had their own Bigfoot experiences.

In the last few years, there have been several encounters from Cairo, Hyde Park and most recently Poughkeepsie.

Was Bigfoot Caught on Camera in Sullivan County?

Since the inception of Bigfoot, many have been dying to catch the bipedal on camera. It looks as though it may finally have happened.

The Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley shared the photo below from a Ring Camera in Hurleyville, New York. Do you see a rather large, human-like shadow near the tree?

Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley/Facebook
Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley/Facebook

According to the owner of the camera, a few weeks ago a deer was hit and moved to the woods. He explains the deer was rather large and bloated. Two days later the deer was gone. Which seemed strange he says "the whole deer was gone. What could of carried it it was pretty big?"

A few weeks go by and the camera owner is in the middle of hunting season when he throws the carcass of a deer he tagged in the same vicinity as the previous deer. While he was at work, he kept getting alerts from his Ring camera and decided to take a screenshot.

Is Bigfoot Calling the Hudson Valley Home?

That screenshot has people talking. Was Bigfoot picking up his deer scraps? If it's not Bigfoot, what could it possibly be? You be the judge, check in with us on Facebook and let us know!

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