Who says kids don't listen to their parents?

Be careful what you say. Especially if little kids are around. They'll not only repeat it but usually at the worst possible time. Just ask one family who was 'mortified' at Gino's Cheese Steak & Onion in Fayetteville, New York.

"This F*&^ing Guy"

A little boy about 3 or 4-years-old left not only his parents speechless, but the restaurant staff too. Luckily for the rest of us, they shared the hilarious story on Facebook.

With their meal in our hands, we walked over to the table. As we approached, the kid looks up, sees us, and says: “This f***** guy.”

The server drop the food at the table and ran around the corner to laugh. "The mother was mortified. We felt horribly for her."

Dad to Blame

The mother did apologize before the family left the restaurant and explained her son's potty mouth, which makes the story even funnier.

"Turns out, when the father’s friends call or text him, he’ll flip over the phone to see who it is and say that same exact phrase."

The boy assumed his dad was saying it about his friends, so it must be something friendly to say to someone. "Especially when that someone has your chicken tenders and tater tots in their hands.

We bet mom had a few choice words of her own for her husband and son on the car ride home.

Out of Mouths of Babes

The only thing funnier than the story Gino's shared is the comments from other parents who can relate.

Reba Hall Oper - I was in a bank when a mom and little boy about 4 came in. He kept running around while mom was trying to fill out a deposit slip. Finally, she’d had enough, picked him up and sat him down on the counter a little harder than she meant to. The boy, at the top of his lungs, says, “YOU BROKE MY BALLS”. Everyone turns to look. The little boy slowly pulled out 2 ping balls from his back pocket all smooshed.

Brenda Eggleston - When my daughter was in kindergarten she was talking about her day. It started with- “those bastards on the bus.”

Kyla Town - I once took a friend's 4-year-old to a children's museum. He wanted to see the presentation on turtles The young docent holds up an African turtle and asks, "Does anyone know what the weather is like in Africa?" The little boy with me puts up his hand excitedly, and the young lady called on him. He stands up and says, "Really fu***** hot!"

Eric Wendt - When my son was a toddler, my wife took him to the supermarket one day. The seafood section had a lobster tank with a very large specimen in it. The kid said "Holy s*** balls, that's huge!"

Christine Hoppe - My child was around 2 1/2 or 3, in his car seat, and he observed a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic and yelled “stupid douche bag motorcycler."

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