Congressman Anthony Brindisi discussed his television commercial with Sherrill Manufacturing and Liberty Flatware this week on the Keeler Show.

The co-founders of Sherrill Manufacturing, Greg Owens and Matt Roberts are both appearing in commercials regarding the race for NY-22. Owens is doing a spot for Democratic incumbent Anthony Brindisi and Matt Roberts, is appearing in a newly launched ad for Republican Claudia Tenney. One company involved in commercials for both candidates is pretty unorthodox.

The ads both reference the SPOONS Act that was introduced by Rep. Brindisi and passed into law and signed by President Trump in January of this year.  But in 2017, then Congresswoman Tenney introduced the same bill, but it was ultimately left out of the Republican agenda. The bill would require military and government institutions to buy American made flatware and dinnerware for use by service members. Previously, much of the flatware was made in china. Liberty Flatware made by Sherrill Manufacturing, is the only flatware made in the United States.

Both Brindisi and Tenney defend their work on the bill.

WIBX spoke with Sherrill Manufacturing co-founder Matt Roberts on Wednesday and he said that the company normally prefers to remain apolitical. He said that both he and Owens agreed that if they supported one candidate in a commercial, they should also support the other, as they prefer not to come off as picking sides. The first commercial featured Greg Owens in a pro-Brindisi commercial. Owens then appeared in a pro-Tenney commercial that was released last week.

Watch the spots here:

Listen below to Brindisi and Tenney on Keeler this week, as both talk about the race for NY-22, as well as commenting on the dueling Liberty Flatware commercials.


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