Oswego County Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte is focused on next Wednesday, January 27th. That's when America's only delinquent county board of elections commissioners are required to get the results of some 2,418 canvassed votes that had not been counted up to this point because the BOE simply ran out of time.

Oneida County "violated state and federal law" by not properly counting the provisional votes from voters who registered before the deadline, but through no fault of their own, had their ballots rejected because the BOE was short staffed.

Tenney's attorneys asked that none of the votes be counted and Brindisi's team only wanted select ballots counted. Judge DelConte didn't side with either party, and required that all be canvassed for him to review next Wednesday, January 27th.

Prior to the latest development, Tenney was unofficially holding on to a lead that consisted of a handful of votes. It's unclear who will benefit most from this latest development as both Tenney and Brindisi are Oneida County residents and both have strong local support.

Tenney's attorneys argued that Justice DelConte does not have the jurisdiction to register voters, which is what the new pandemic plan is asking for him to do. DelConte disagreed and said that these voters met the requirement to register to vote, and should have their vote counted.

Finals results of the race for America's last Congressional District, NY-22, could come as early as next week.


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