While it’s a little early to start outdoor home-improvement projects, Broome County Sheriff David Harder is reminding residents to be aware of traditional spring-time scams involving offers from companies to pave driveways at a reduced price.  The scam happens every spring and fall and is anything but new.  Still, people fall for it every year.

As always, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is and any potential work should involve research of the company, references and up-front listing of labor and material costs. Any deposits need to be placed in a dedicated account and residents should never pay cash-up-front for a project.

Harder says, typically, tactics involve someone showing up unsolicited saying they have material left over from another job and would sell the asphalt or complete the job at a reduced rate.  Many times, inferior material, even stuff that just washes away, is used, the price is bumped up at the end, the work is inferior or isn’t completed at all.

Anyone suspecting they may have been duped should call Broome County Sheriff’s officials at (607) 778-1911 or their local police.

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