Looking to add some Buffalo Bills toys to your collection? Whether that's for you, or the kids, you can now buy Buffalo Bills Little People toy sets.

The 2022 "Go Bills!" pack will feature "Little People-ized" versions of Josh Allen, Sean McDermott, and new this year, Stefon Diggs. This is the second year that Fisher Price has teamed up with the Buffalo Bills to create some toy magic.

According to WGRZ, you can purchase the "Go Bills!" pack in-stores at Wegmans across New York State. The sets will be rolling out at stores throughout the Buffalo, Rochester, the Southern Tier and Syracuse regions.

The sets cost $19.99 and all of the net proceeds will be donated to The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation, which supports the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital."

Say you're not near a Wegmans, you can still buy them. You can order them online at the Mattel Creations website. According to New York Upstate, in the past, some supermarket locations in Buffalo sold out within hours. Resellers on sites like eBay and Mercari are already posting the collectible figurines online at elevated prices.

This is the second special edition Little People set featuring the Bills. The team’s website reports that last year’s collection raised $700,000 for Oishei Children’s Hospital, and the goal for this year is to reach $1 million."

Happy hunting to find your set. If you're nostalgic for Fisher-Price toys, and love the Buffalo Bills, you'll want this part of your collection. Again, best of luck hunting these collectables down.

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