The Buffalo Bills seemingly solidified their place as the number one team in the NFL power rankings, after a convincing win over the defending Super Bowl champion, Los Angeles Rams.

The score said 31-10 but it was even more dominant than that. Josh Allen did whatever he wished against the Rams defense, while the defense stifled the Rams offense, as Matthew Stafford threw three interceptions and sacked seven times.

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Stafford was pressured 15 times in addition to those seven sacks and believe it or not, the Bills did so with just their front four the entire game.

That's right, the Bills did not blitz one time in the entire game. According to Next Gen Stats, it's just the third time since 2016 an NFL defense didn't blitz one time in an entire game. The other two instances? Both the Bills, under head coach Sean McDermott.

Stafford impressed last season against the blitz and out of his 17 interceptions in 2021, all but one happened in plays were the defense did not blitz.

General manager Brandon Beane made it a point of emphasis to revamp the defensive line.

The Bills signed Jordan Phillips, DaQuan Jones, Tim Settle and Shaq Lawson, along with the six-year contract for Von Miller. They have also invested a first or second round draft pick in the defensive line from 2019-2021.

  • Ed Oliver (1st)
  • A.J. Epenesa (2nd)
  • Gregory Rousseau (1st)
  • Boogie Basham (2nd)

All of that investment has seemingly paid off. It will be a long season for opposing defenses this season if the Bills defense plays like they did last night.

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