Sometimes in life you make a career change, turnover a new leaf - carve a new path for yourself. It might be time for the New York Football Giants to consider such a change, like turning the franchise to professional table tennis, bowling, golf or the emerging sport of pickle ball.

They can't catch, they don't block, and apparently (I know Tommy DeVito is a third stringer and was making his pro-debut) they can't throw.

Also, the steady and reliable Graham Gano couldn't kick, at least on Sunday. The veteran shanked two of three attempts vs. Gang Green, including a chip-shot 35-yarder that likely would have sealed an unlikely victory.

The defense was impressive, yes, but consider they were playing the crosstown-rival Jets. Other than one play that saw rookie running back Breece Hall escape for a 50-yard catch and run TD, the Giants D made the Jets offense look like the Giants offense.

Again, I understand DeVito is a third stringer and hadn't ever played at the NFL before. But, head coach Brian Daboll clearly has zero confidence in DeVito's ability to throw a pass past the line of scrimmage.

The former Syracuse and Illinois signal caller saw his first pro snaps on Sunday after fill-in Tyrod Taylor exited with a rib injury. In two-plus quarters of football, DeVito attempted seven passes. Attempted. Five of the attempts were little dump-offs to running back Saquon Barkley.

As a team on Sunday, an all-time franchise low of -9 net yards in the air!!! MINUS NINE. 

All this while Barkley carried the ball 36 times, and caught 3 of 5 balls thrown to him. Yea, Saquon, the guy we didn't want to pay this offseason while simultaneously throwing $160 million at a backup level QB in Danny Dimes!?!?!

New York Jets v New York Giants
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Can you blame Daboll, though? When the offensive line can't protect anyone. Not Daniel Jones, nor Taylor, nor DeVito. As a team, the G-Strings only dropped back to pass 14 times and were sacked four times. It's been an ongoing crisis all season and is the reason Jones has missed to the last two games with injury. Whoever is behind center this year has become a life-sized tackling dummy for the opposing defense.

Having acknowledged that, how can a coach have an active player on the field who either believes cannot throw a pass, or who is not prepared to throw a pass. An actual pass, beyond the line of scrimmage - aka, not a screen pass to a back or receiver.

The now 2-6 Giants visit Raiders on Sunday. If Jones and Taylor aren't available to play my advice to Daboll is this: Find a Vegas casino, walk to the black jacks tables and find a dealer who has a somewhat athletic build (a guy who looks he can take a hit or two). Then ask him if he wants to be your quarterback, because it's clear Daboll has no confidence in the one he was force to put on the field Sunday.

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