New York's taste buds are finally waking up...

Halloween just hours away and we finally know how the great debate over whether or not candy corn is disgusting or delicious ends.

Facts about Candy Corn!

The iconic white, yellow and orange candy is made by Brach's, which pumps out about 30 million pounds of candy corn every year.

If you lined up all that candy piece by piece in a straight line, it'd wrap around planet Earth five times.

DustyPixel from Getty Images Signature
DustyPixel from Getty Images Signature

Americans spent $88.5 million on candy corn from all makers - but considering Americans are expected to drop $3.6 billion on Halloween candy, that's a very small sliver of the pie.

Meanwhile, those who are smart enough to dive into those pumpkin-shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups know they're worth every penny.

The candy corn confection from Brach's first made its debut 113 years ago, but it's unknown when exactly when the candy was invented. No matter the timeline, it has traumatized taste buds ever since.

It's physical form is also capable of terrorizing people, as some think a bowl of it looks like a bunch of old teeth clumped together.

New York's Opinion of Candy Corn looked into the Empire State's favorite candy and ranked their sales state-by-state. Nationally, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups topped the list.

In second place are M&M's while Hot Tamales came in third.

Skittles and Sour Patch Kids respectively rounded out the top 5.

New York, however, decided to put candy corn in its top 3 favorite candies, only beaten by Hot Tamales and Sour Patch Kids, which respectively came in second and first.

jessicaphoto from Getty Images Signature
jessicaphoto from Getty Images Signature

As for why I think candy corn did well on this list, New York experienced one of the biggest hikes in candy prices due to inflation this year. Based off data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, New York had the eighth highest increase in candy prices.

Since 2022, candy prices jumped by 11.5 percent on average.

However, it was found by Money Geek that candy corn had some of the smallest inflation-related price hikes, so people may be reaching for more bags since they'll take a smaller bite out of their wallets.

So, with pricing potentially influencing shopping habits - an informal poll was held at Townsquare Media Utica and colleagues were asked their thoughts on candy corn.

Just one person sang the candy's praises while everyone else recoiled in disgust.


Additionally, someone purchased a bag of candy corn and dumped it out into a bowl for people to snack on in the kitchen.  That same candy corn lover was the only one eating out of the communal candy corn pile.

Based on this highly unscientific poll and my abjectly biased opinion of candy corn, I vote that New York thinks sugar wax, alternatively known as candy corn, disgusting.

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