Utica, NY (WIBX) - Utica mayoral candidate Bob Cardillo is laying out his plan to bring more federal and state dollars to the city. Create a consortium of grant writing experts to bring federal and state dollars to the city.

"This will cost the taxpayers of Utica absolutely nothing", he says.

Cardillo says he'll achieve this by brining the Municipal Housing Authority Executive Office to City Hall to work in cooperation with economic development.

"I have discussed this proposal with Dr. Taras Herbowy, Executive Director, and his is a strong supporter of this plan," Cardillo said.

Cardillo, the candidate of the Conservative and Independence Parties, says he'll also consult grant writers in the city school district and at area colleges.

He is also critical of Republican candidate Michael Cerminaro's plan to hire 'an army of grant writers', saying taxpayers will be forced to pay salary and expenses with no guaranteed returns.

Cerminaro, the Republican candidate, made the comment at a recent public forum for the five mayoral candidates.

Democrat/Working Families Robert Palmieri, Green Party candidate Robert Clemente and Ernie Sanita, running on the Rainbow line, are vying to replace David Roefaro as mayor.

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