The situation in Ukraine is ever-changing and complex.  For many it is stressful and difficult to digest.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The reader is cautioned that the photo gallery located at the end of this post contains images that readers might find disturbing, including images that show offensive language, injuries, and death.  The reader is advised and cautioned to use discretion as the content may not be suitable for all.]

A March 23, 2022 article by Anton Troianovski and Michael Schwirtz in the "New York Times" includes the following regarding the sentiment of some in Russia toward the war:

"In January, the head of a group of serving and retired Russian military officers declared that invading Ukraine would be 'pointless and extremely dangerous.' It would kill thousands, he said, make Russians and Ukrainians enemies for life, risk a war with NATO and threaten 'the existence of Russia itself as a state.'"

According to the authors Ivashov, cognizant of Russia's wartime censorship, says that he continues to stand by that assessment.

Today U.S. President Biden is in Europe talking with European leaders.  Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is addressing French President Emmanuel Macron and France's Parliament.

Here are some basics about the country on everyone's mind.

Ukraine is almost as big as the U.S. State of Texas.  Ukraine's capital is Kyiv (sometimes written as "Kiev") and, prior to Russia's invasion, the World Bank estimated that Ukraine's population was approximately 44 million people.

Ukraine and Its Neighbors Graphic Credit: Google Maps (March 2022)
Ukraine and Its Neighbors Graphic Credit: Google Maps (March 2022)

Ukraine shares borders with the following countries:

  • Russia (east)
  • Belarus (north, northwest)
  • Poland (northwest)
  • Slovakia (west)
  • Hungary (west)
  • Romania (southwest)
  • Moldova (south, southwest)
Map of Ukraine via Google Maps (March 2022)
Map of Ukraine via Google Maps (March 2022)

Arguably among the most significant cities in terms of Russia's invasion are:

  • Kharkiv
  • Kyiv
  • Mariupol

Ukraine and the World's Response to Russia's Attack - February 24, 2022 to Present

The following images help document Russia's invasion of Urkaine, and the world's response. The reader is STRONGLY CAUTIONED that this gallery CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES, some of which include IMAGES OF DEATH. As of March 5, 2022 the gallery includes images that are not suitable for all readers. The reader is cautioned not to view this gallery without discretion.

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