The Centers for Disease Control is reporting that the prevalence of autism is now 1 in 68 children. Based on CDC numbers, officials say the rate of Autism has increased again and has consistently over the last 14 years.

That's when the CDC began tracking Autism prevalence.

The findings also point to a nearly 5 times higher rate among boys and they say the Global rate has increased 20 to 30 fold since the 1970's.

"We know that early intervention and ongoing evidence based support will maximize opportunity for individuals with autism to participate in their communities," said Kelberman Center Director Robert Myers. "This news should serve as a catalyst for expansion of supports for people with autism. As we strive to create the very best for people and families with autism we hope that the entire community will rally behind us as we seek to create the very best for the 1 in 68 to lead a full life."

"While this news continues to be startling, it only reinforces what we already know about autism," said Kelberman Center's Dr. Jean Jacobson. "It is a growing problem that is not going away. We have made great progress toward learning about autism and supporting families affected by it. I would think statistics like these will only strengthen our determination in those efforts."

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