Finding a town that has all the indicators of what makes a city or village "great" by American standards - let alone our own - can be a challenge.

What may be the proverbial paradise to one person may be another's definition of trash. But where in the United States can you find a place that does come close to the definition of being "the best"?

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A new report from Money went through all the cities and towns across the continental U.S. and highlighted a list of 50 places "where a thriving economy meets affordability, diversity and an exceptional quality of life."

Three different cities and towns in New York made the cut, with one being right here in CNY!

Central New York City Officially One of America's Best Places to Live

Tyler A. McNeil/Wikimedia commons
Tyler A. McNeil/Wikimedia commons

Congratulations are in order to Oneonta, which is home to a little over 15,000 people. Said the report, "This town boasts affordable home prices, exposed rock cliffs and a minor-league baseball team."

The city was also highlighted for its bustling education scene, tight-knit community, vibrant Main Street, and relatively affordable home prices.

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This is a big win for Oneonta because a recent survey from AreaVibes gave it an "F" rating for its commute times and crime. The latter finding is a bit bizarre considering the report didn't use data from the FBI Crime Report, meaning data pertaining to violent and property crime was unavailable. Instead, the report was based on an estimate, which claimed the city is safer than 23% of all other cities in the state.

Meanwhile, gives Oneonta four out of 5 stars based on reviews from residents, who say the area is pretty safe.

2 Other Cities Named Best Places to Live in America

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While Oneonta was the highest-performing city from New York, two other places made the Money list. Troy made an appearance farther down the list and was deemed an "up-and-coming city" by the outlet.

Home to roughly 50,000 residents, Troy was highlighted for its "Victorian-era splendor, recent economic revitalization and affordable housing."

benedek from Getty Images Signature
benedek from Getty Images Signature

The final city to make the prestigious list was Buffalo, which ranked 49th overall. Money acknowledged the city had undergone some challenges in recent years, but praised, "Buffalo’s impressive urban renewal plan and an influx of newcomers have shown that this Rust Belt relic isn’t letting the past determine its future."

Other highlighted features were its museums, gardens, art galleries, and was ultimately deemed "one of the best food scenes in the country."

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