Imagine having enough to drop over $11 million dollars into a home? Well, if you have the option, this one comes with plenty of character to uphold the hefty price tag.

This two-bedroom, one-bath, 1,300 square foot home was built back in 1830 and has lots of history, famous history in fact. The Windmill House has character, appeal, and of course your very own windmill.

Take a look at the spectacular photos of the property.

The Windmill House Eh Village Fringe, NY is For Sale for $11.5 Million

The home, as noted by, does come with many unique features including a country kitchen, the ability to dine outdoors under the stars in the outdoor kitchen, and the famous part of this home, it's where Marylin Monroe and playwright Arthur Miller escaped from the press in the summer of 1957.

Also, to be fair, that price does include nearly 5.5 acres of lovely countryside near the Hampton's.

The Windmill House in Eh Village Fringe, New York can be yours for $11.5 million.

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