Have you checked your fridge? One of your favorite go-to snacks may be recalled.

Some may claim that this product is not the healthiest while others believe that it's something that can be eaten every day. It's filled with calcium which can help bones become stronger. It also contains protein. It may even lower the risk of heart disease. However, too much of it may not be a good option for the body.

There are different varieties of this addictive, yet tasty product.

A Wide Variety of Cheese Brands Have Been Recalled Worldwide


Several stores such as Target,  Stop & Shop, Price Chopper and more carry this recalled item. 

Cheese products have been recalled due to listeria. The information came from the FDA, which recommended throwing away cheese from 25 brands due to an outbreak. Currently, there are six cases related to the outbreak. States such as California, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts, and New Jersey are included.

Do You Eat This Brand of Cheese?

Old Europe Cheese Inc, which is based in Michigan, announced a voluntary recall. Their Brie and Camembert soft cheese products were affected. This is due to a potential Listeria contamination.

To add to it, Old Europe Cheese Inc cheese is commonly used in other brands of cheeses. See below for the full list of 25 recalled cheeses.

The cheese products involved in this recall have been available nationwide and also in Mexico. From August 1, 2022- September 28, 2022, the products were in stores.

What Stores Recalled Cheese in New York State?

Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, Target, Trader Joe's, Lidl and Whole Foods are some of the stores that carried the recalled product.

The FDA advised restaurant owners and retailers to check their fridges and throw away any products included in the recall.

There Were a Total of 25 Brands of Cheese Recalled


According to the FDA, the following brands should also be tossed.

Black Bear

Block & Barrel



Culinary Tour


Fresh Thyme

Glenview Farms

Good & Gather (Target private label)


Joan of Arc

La Bonne Vie

Lidl Preferred Selection

Life in Provence

Market 32




Primo Taglio

Red Apple Cheese

Reny Picot

St. Randeaux

St. Rocco

Taste of Inspiration

Trader Joe's

The products mentioned above are being recalled. The Best By Dates range from September 28, 2022, to December 14, 2022.
It's possible that retailers put Old Europe Cheese products into containers and sold a repacked version of it to consumers.

Did you have cheese that recalled? Let us know below.

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