Covering up is becoming fashionable once again.

A new fashion trend has been sparked by the desire to protect swimmers and  outdoorsmen from the elements.

The "Facekini," a full-faced fabric hood with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, is changing the way some dress for the beach.  Originally designed to protect swimmers from things like algae and jellyfish stings, they are now also being sold to protect users against sun damage.

A note on Facekini's website says:

"These comfortable, breathable hoods, allow you to enjoy the sunny weather without worrying about tanning your most valuable asset – your face! Facial skin is too sensitive to use traditional sunblock and sun screens. Excess oils from greasy creams often sting the eyes when in the water. Lotions and oils become absorbed into the skin increasing the risk of skin irritation and residue build-up."

Detractors say that the Facekini can easily protect someone's identity or help users to bypass facial recognition technologies.

As the Facekini becomes more popular It remains to be seen whether there may eventually be legislation or guidelines concerning its use outside of the water or whether the Facekini will take the beach, and fashion world, by storm.

Here is a report from CCTV News posted on YouTube:

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