Summer is upon us and there is an airbnb style website where you can now rent local backyard residential pools by the hour.

Maybe with the warm weather we have had already this spring, you are wishing you had a backyard pool. Or, maybe you are looking forward to some time at your local city or town pools this summer, but you are not looking forward to the crowds.

My wife and I have dreamed on several occasions about how great it would be to have our own backyard pool. But then once you review the cost of installation and then the upkeep, the dream does not seem so great!

What if there was an option where you could enjoy your own private backyard pool only when you wanted, without the crowds, and with no worry about any of the maintenance? All those reasons make Swimply a simply genius idea.

Think airbnb but for backyard pools: just like local airbnb hosts can rent out their spaces for you to stay in, local homeowners can rent out their backyard pools by the hour on Swimply.

The great thing is you can find the pool that fits you and your party: whether it is just you and the kids enjoying a day poolside or an afternoon with a group of friends, the options on Swimply are great. Check out these 10 local backyard pools you can rent this summer when you want to cool off!

10 Stunning Capital Region Backyard Pools You Can Rent By the Hour

In an airbnb world, this may be one of the most genius ideas I have seen. Swimply has been around for a few years now and they basically apply the host rental strategy to pools: you can visit the website to find someone's backyard pool near you that you can rent by the hour. Many of these sweet backyard getaways also feature other great amenities like firepits, grills, and more. So the next time you want to cool off for an afternoon, avoid the crowded city pools and rent one of these backyard stunners!

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