You gotta work out from time to time, or you'll die. I have nothing new to tell you in this regard. Folks in white coats have been saying this for eons.

But so many people equate "working out" to just going to the gym, and it needn't be that. Sometimes going to the gym sucks. You gotta pay a monthly membership, maybe some disgusting oaf poured sweat all over your favorite piece of machinery, etc. Most medical practitioners agree that just 15 minutes of getting your heartrate up can help lower your risk of various diseases, and how you choose to do that is between you and your imagination. People run with the bulls in Pamplona, for cryin' out loud.

Photo by San Fermin Pamplona - Navarra on Unsplash
Photo by San Fermin Pamplona - Navarra on Unsplash

The website 24/7 Tempo recently analyzed exercise trends in each state to identify the least physically active metropolitan areas:

About a quarter of Americans report that they do not get any physical activity at all in their leisure time, according to the County Health Rankings. And while there’s no absolute correlation between frequency of physical activity and obesity, diabetes, and other conditions, in general the places whose population gets out and moves around are healthier.

So what city in New York hates exercise the most?

Adults who don’t exercise: 29.9% (New York: 27.0%)
Population with access to places for physical activity: 52.2% (New York: 88.2%)
• Adult obesity rate: 33.5% (New York: 27.2%)
Adults with diabetes: 9.7% (New York: 9.4%)
Adults reporting poor or fair health: 18.7% (New York: 16.4%)
• Avg. physically unhealthy days: 4.1 per month (New York: 3.6 per month)

This is somewhat surprising. I assumed the active military population of Fort Drum alone would help offset any inactivity of civilians up there, but I guess not.

Maybe there should be a running of the bulls in Watertown.

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