With heavy snowfall predicted for much this week, comedian Gallagher didn't want to chance it.

The smashing entertainer flew into town two days early to avoid the possibility of a flight cancellation from California to the East Coast to ensure he'd he be able to attend Friday night's WIBX Keeler Christmas Bash to benefit Operation Sunshine. So aside from sitting on the First News with Keeler in the Morning this week, he's got a bit of free time on his hands.

And, what better way to spend time in Utica than at the Utica Zoo?

He thought it sounded like a great idea, so he paid a visit Wednesday.

I snapped these photos from the Utica Zoo gift shop before Gallagher was taken on a guided tour:


Additionally, Gallagher - who may be best known for smashing watermelons during his shows - has some new equipment courtesy of the Utica Zoo:

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