Thursday, April 9th, 2020

7 AM Hour

- Sheriff Maciol calls in to clarify what Jeff and Bill were talking about out of news regarding private property and the issue of the Amish.

- Ryan Nobles is joining us for a bonus appearance today to discuss the end of the Bernie Sanders campaign. His assignment at CNN was to follow the campaign.

- Andria Heath is with Utica Zoo. They recently announced a huge acquisition. They have taken over operation of the Florence J. Reineman Nature Center and Beaversprite Wildlife Sanctuary in Oppenheim.

- Marty Zarnock from Mountainside Medical Equipment and Mountain Ice Painrelieving Gel calls in to donate 75 Easter dinners to the less fortuante in the community. He's picking up the remaining dinners for a feed the less forturnate effort led by Rob Esche and Aqua Vino

- We field your daily COVID-19 questions with Dr. Kent Hall from MVHS. He is the Chief Physician Executive.

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8 AM Hour

- One of the biggest fans of Bernie Sanders is Keith A. Rubino. He calls in to express his disappointment with the "suspension" of his campaign.

- Congress continues to work as hard as possible to get relief to Americans in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We speak with Congressman Anthony Brindisi about that and more.

- Naegele provides a Craft Beer of the Week on our back porch. We spray it and then bring it in. He calls in to tell us about it.

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