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The defense attorney in the Kaitlyn Conley murder trail, which ended in a hung jury, spoke to WIBX on Monday and called his client absolutely innocent.  Attorney Christopher Pelli said he completely believes Conley is not-guilty and pointed blame at the victim's husband, William Yoder.  Pelli also questioned why the District Attorney would have offered immunity to Yoder and his son. Pelli said that even if the DA wanted to charge Yoder with the murder of his wife, he never could because the husband and son were granted immunity.

Following the interview with Pelli, WIBX reached out to District Attorney Scott Macnamara's office for a comment.  Manamara claimed that Pelli twisted the facts and that Yoder and his son received immunity because of a state law that requires immunity for anyone who testifies in front of grand jury.

People supporting Pelli claim that the District Attorney could have required that the Yoders waive the right to immunity in testifying with the Grand Jury. The District Attorney's office claims there was no reason to require such a waiver.

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