With election season in full swing many are tuning out some of the speeches being made by politicians across the country, regardless of the topic.

Such was the case on Thursday when Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy was trying to make a speech about, well...something, when he was upstaged by a Beluga whale named Juno.

It appears that Juno is quite the celebrity at the Mystic Aquarium, according to the above report from ABC News.  One thing upon which the ABC News piece did not touch was the fact that Juno has his own fan-run Facebook page.  And apparently this fan was much smarter than the rest of us because the page has been "up" since 2012.

The speech was, not incidentally, about tourism.  And, if the attention garnered by both Governor Malloy and Juno is any indication, tourism is expected to be up - at least at the Mystic Aquarium.  In that regard, and with due deference to both the governor and his speechwriter, Juno's press conference was a splashing success.

Everyone, it seems, loves belugas:

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