The latest twist in an inconceivable story involving a Central New York non-profit that assists victim of sexual and domestic violence.

A former employee of Vera House in Syracuse, who is himself a convicted sex offender, is back in police custody after allegedly trying to skip-out on his sentencing proceeding after being found guilty of stealing wire and other metals parts from a business in Manlius, NY, CNYCentral has reported.

Marcus Jackson was supposed to be remanded in custody on Wednesday, but did not show, reports say. He was then located and arrested by police on Thursday morning, police confirm.

Jackson is a former victim advocate at Vera House, despite his status as a Level Two Registered Sex Offender. Reports say he ultimately left his position with the non-profit last year amid the fallout of his employment as a advocate at Vera House, as he was working with victims of sexual and domestic violence while those he was assigned to help were never made aware the Jackson was himself a convicted sex offender.

Additionally, he also ''had contact twice with minors through his employment at the agency, according to the state. There are no allegations that anything happened during that contact, but even face-to-face conversations with minors are barred by the terms of the state and federal contract," reported.

Because of that violation of terms regarding state and federal funding, Vera House had to reimburse the government for the $65k plus in funding that had been used to pay Jackson's salary and benefits, reports said.

Three executive at the non-profit exited at it was reported Vera House was aware of Jackson's conviction and status as a sex offender but hired him anyway, CNYCentral reported.

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