Syracuse University's men's basketball will take on top-seeded North Carolina in the Final Four tomorrow night in Houston. SU's women's basketball team is in the Final Four as well.  Central New York is celebrating and showing support. Cortland United Methodist Church is going viral for their support on the church's sign.

Christel Donlick is a member of the church and helps out every week changing the signage that drivers see as they pass by the church. This week she decided to have some fun with the sign in support of the Orangemen:

According to the Cortland Voice, Christel isn't the biggest fan but is still excited to see our local team make it into the final four.

"My husband is definitely a Syracuse fan," Donlick said. "He loves the game and is very excited about it. You have to cheer them on."

The Syracuse Orange will take on the number-1 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels at 8:49PM Saturday night.


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