People in the Mohawk Valley say there's plenty of proof that Herkimer's Lambert Will played a major role in creating the rules for what is now known as American basketball. As a result, the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame has now inducted Will into the Hall as a 2024 inductee.

The Herkimer 9 Foundation's Scott Flansburg is elated. "The Herkimer 9 extends its heartfelt gratitude to the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame (NYS BB HOF) committee for the induction of Lambert Will, the pioneering force behind the creation of basketball, into its esteemed class of 2024. The induction ceremony, held yesterday in Troy, was a resounding success, marking a historic moment as Lambert Will takes his rightful place among the legends of the sport."

Flansburg has been using the narrative that there's evidence that Lambert played basketball in Herkimer before James Naismith did, meaning Lambert may very well be the real inventor of the game.

"Rene LeRoux and the entire NYS BB HOF committee are commended for their discerning selection and for recognizing Lambert Will's unparalleled contribution to the game. The Herkimer 9 Foundation is immensely proud to witness this long-overdue acknowledgment of Lambert Will's legacy," said Flansburg in a release.

Thirteen members of the Lambert Will family attended the induction ceremony. Flansburg says, "their unwavering support and dedication to preserving Lambert Will's memory have been instrumental in ensuring that his pioneering spirit lives on."

Scott Flansburg
Scott Flansburg

Furthermore, the Herkimer 9 Foundation extends its congratulations to all the other deserving inductees into the NYS BB HOF class of 2024. Each individual honored has left an indelible mark on the sport of basketball, and their contributions continue to inspire future generations.

A book entitled, Mais-MYTH: Basketball's Stolen Legacy written by George Fosty, Darril Fosty, and Brion Carroll, documented the proof that many believe proves Basketball's birth place is in Herkimer, and not Springfield, Mass.

"Their dedication to setting the record straight has ensured Lambert Will's rightful place in basketball history," said Flansburg about the book's authors.

"As we reflect on this momentous occasion, let us not only celebrate Lambert Will's legacy but also rededicate ourselves to preserving and honoring the rich history of basketball. Together, we will ensure that Lambert Will's pioneering spirit continues to inspire generations of basketball enthusiasts worldwide."

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