Albany, NY (WIBX) - "New York is rising."

Those are the words Governor Andrew Cuomo used to conclude his third State of the State speech in Albany.

Among the points he addressed during his speech were education reform, accelerating the lagging Upstate economy, women's equality and gun control.

In response to the highly controversial topic of guns, Cuomo said quote, "No one hunts with an assault rifle." He went on to say the laws being considered are safe and reasonable measures aimed at keeping New Yorkers safe.

Hurricane Sandy also became a focal point, as the Governor stressed that mitigation programs and buyout programs should be instituted to stave off future emergencies before they arrive.

Upstate New York also garnered some of Cuomo's attention. He addressed the creation and operation of tax free zones, called innovation hot spots, to attract new businesses. He also talked about the importance of an increased reliance on green technology, including the establishment of statewide charging stations and increased use of solar panels.

Cuomo ended his address by claiming this is his most ambitious agenda yet, but said, "we've done it before; we can do it again."