It may not even be August yet and most kids are sleeping in and enjoying vacation these days, but school administrators and staff are hard at work. The future of bus transportation in New York State has made a stop in Niagara Falls this week.

Niagara Falls is hosting a special convention and there are some new buses on display!

You will probably see a few of these buses in Western New York soon. There is a small percentage of buses so far on the road and they are pretty expensive. However, there are some grants that are available to schools and we aim for a world that is less dependent on fossil fuels, there will probably be more electric buses in neighborhoods around New York State soon.

Some of the best memories kids have of school come from the ride to and from school on the bus. I remember our bus driver, Sam! She was one of the sweetest people I remember meeting in my life and although she had a booming voice she used to keep us in line on the occasion, I remember seeing her smile at us every morning when the doors opened and we climbed on to get to school.

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