Governor Andrew Cuomo says as college students return to campus in New York, schools must be prepared for all of the possibilities regarding COVID-19.

Cuomo says if a college experiences 100 coronavirus cases or an outbreak equal to five-percent of its population – whichever is less – that college must go to remote learning for two weeks while the situation is evaluated.

"We've seen troubling reports of students congregating on college campuses, so we are setting a threshold that says if colleges have 100 cases or if the number of cases equal 5 percent of their population or more, they must go to remote learning for two weeks, at which time we will reassess the situation," Cuomo said. "We should anticipate clusters and that's what we're seeing. Be prepared for it, get ahead of it." 

Meanwhile, New York state has reached 20 straight days of coronavirus testing positivity under one-percent.

Governor Cuomo says 83,000 tests were conducted yesterday and 719, or 0.95 percent, came back positive.

Total hospitalizations fell to 490.

Four people died of COVID-19 on Wednesday.


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