Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that amends the state law regarding the sale of raffle tickets for charitable organizations.

The legislation was co-sponsored by Senator Joseph Griffo.

Griffo says the previously required cash-only sales of raffle tickets negatively affected local charitable raffles like the Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare Foundation's Miracle Home Makeover.

Griffo said, “Allowing charitable organizations to accept raffle ticket purchases online or using debit and credit cards will allow fundraisers across the state to become even more successful in raising money on behalf of children, the elderly, the disabled and others in need. This will in turn enhance their capability to support vital programs and services within the communities they serve. I am pleased that the governor has signed this legislation that I co-sponsored and that he recognizes the importance of making it easier for charitable organizations to raise money by allowing raffle tickets to be purchased by a credit or debit card.”

The bill was sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, who issued the following statement:

The signing of The Charitable Gaming Act finally takes charitable fund raising in New York from the Model T era to the 21st Century.   Over the past several years, representatives of a number of charities here in the Mohawk Valley have talked to me about the major inconvenience of only being allowed to sell tickets at their offices, and to only accept cash or checks for payment.  These fund-raisers are often the lifeline for vital organizations like The Children’s Miracle Network; Sitrin Health Care; or Hospice, among others.  At a time when families have so many constraints on their time, allowing people to buy raffle tickets using credit or debit cards will significantly boost fund raising for vital programs and services that help many in the community.


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