Governor Andrew Cuomo says “the fair must go on.”

Cuomo announced today that the Great New York State Fair will be happening this year.

The governor says the fair will run for 18 days, from August 20 to September 6.

The event will run at 50 percent capacity, but Cuomo says he expects that number to increase as we get closer to August.

The governor says the fair will be set up in four different areas, which will give fair officials the ability to control the number of people coming and going.

"The New York State Fair is one of our biggest and most exciting tourist attractions that celebrates the spirit of New York and generates economic growth for the region and the entire state,"  Cuomo said. "I've said time and again that no one wants to open the Fair this year more than I do - and we are finally making it happen in a safe, responsible way with the 2021 Reimagined New York State Fair."

Cuomo also announced today that outdoor stadium capacity will increase from 20 to 33 percent on May 19, while casinos will go from 25 to 50 percent and gyms will increase from 33 to 50 percent on May 15

The latest COVID numbers show a statewide positivity rate of 2.39 percent.

Hospitalizations are over 3,100, the lowest number since November 26.

Cuomo says 41 COVID deaths statewide yesterday shows we are not out of the woods yet.

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