Hide your PIN-- a new "ATM" in Syracuse dispenses cupcakes instead of cash.


Kadesha Carter, the proprietor of "Cupcakes R Mee," is taking the interesting step of ditching her brick and mortar bakery for a refrigerated vending machine. She spent $2000 on the machine and spent additional money to wrap it pink with her logo.

Regarding her decision to make this unusual business maneuver, she said:

I love to travel, but I love to bake. But I felt trapped running an actual bakery. I needed to figure out a way to satisfy my creative side, make money and still be able to travel. And I think I finally figured it out.

The machine accepts cash, cards, and Apple Pay. Right now there's just one location: in the lobby of an office building, at 404 Oak Street. Carter said if the venture proves successful, she will add additional machines to additional locations.

Carter's machine will be stocked with a variety of baked goods at the $3 and $5 price tiers. There will also be standard drink offerings like soda and water in the machine.

Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash
Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash


If the new human-less "Cupcakes R Mee" proves successful, it will be interesting to see if any other bakeries or eateries follow suit in switching to this more hassle-free business model. After all, going vending-only means no overhead, no bills and no additional employees you have to pay. But by losing those things, do you also lose the soul of your business?

Time will tell.

Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash
Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

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