I'm a die hard New York Mets fan. Loved 'em since I was like 5-years-old.

In fact, my father, brother and I just brought my little Carter to his first ever MLB game about 10 days ago (photo above). It's a memory I'll cherish forever, and the Mets won!

Needless to say, I never root against my Mets. But on Monday, I did stand up and cheer when Miami Marlins rookie Isan Diaz homered off my Mets and Jacob DeGrom in what was the young man's big league debut. I wasn't really cheering for him, but I was cheering for his father who had the absolute best reaction to his son's homer. Luckily it was caught on LIVE television as it came while as he was being interviewed about his son's big day.

Never like to see another team scoring run against the Mets, the but this reaction was definitely worth it. Think he's a proud dad!?!?!

And a tip of the cap to Isan Diaz. Whether it's your first day in the 'bigs', or any day, taking the defending NL Cy Young Award winner deep is never easy!

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