This isn't one of those blue or gold-type things going on like from a few years ago. Just an odd thing I saw while taking a walk in New York Mills the other day.

Perhaps if you happen to be a person who is pretty big into cars or someone who knows a decent amount about them, then yes I am sure you've spotted the oddity in the picture. There isn't anything hidden about the 3 Chrysler Concordes just sitting in the driveway of this home.

I just sit here and keep asking the question of why on earth this person has 3 of them. Sure, a parts cars for when one breaks down, that would make a whole lot of sense. I thought that, but I don't think that's it. They all have license plates on them which tells me they all are actively registered and driven. I can't say that for sure, as I didn't exactly go knocking on the front door to ask.

I think someone has a gigantic love for this fine 90's automobile. If that is the case, I have another question. Of all the cars from the 1990's you could lust after and procure, you chose a Chrysler Concorde? Like, really? They were plain junk and really, at least to me, don't have all that many redeeming qualities. Incredibly weird to me to be honest. I didn't get a picture of this persons neighbor, but they also had a Chrysler Concorde in their driveway.

The owner must be like Will Ferrell from Saturday Night Live yelling while eating dinner, "I OWN A DODGE STRATUS, YOU WILL RESPECT ME!" Just change the wording to Chrysler Concorde.

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