If you weren't from Utica, would this sign really make you pull off exit 31?

Try To Think Like Someone Who Isn't From Here


Of course, there are a few things here that certainly are major highlights for the City of Utica. The real question here is, do the things on this sign really tell Utica's story.

The Short Answer Is No

Any one of the four things listed as attractions for Utica is a wonderful thing to make a quick stop to check out. Things that someone from out of the area would surely enjoy. From this sign to the actual exit might be a mile, and that isn't enough time to make the choice to stop.

What Would Make Someone Stop?

Driving At Sunset
Niccolo? Simoncini

Once completed, the new Children's Museum could be a good option, because what parent wouldn't want their kid to experience something like that.


Another thing that could draw some people in, is our pizza. Look, we have one of the most unique pizza styles not only in New York but in the country. A style of pizza that is completely unknown to many from outside Central New York.


Our food in general should have a much more prominent feature. Riggies are well known and even someone from another region of the country has probably heard of them and might make a quick stop to try authentic Chicken Riggies.

What things do you think should be featured on a thruway sign for Utica tourism? Let us know inside our station app.

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