You won't believe who Donald Trump has ticked off now.

The front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination continues to agitate, infuriate and aggravate -- and it's not just humans who he's rubbed the wrong way.

Time has put out this hilarious video in which a bald eagle attacks Trump, who's the magazine's runner-up for person of the year (we'd be willing to bet he thinks the magazine is for losers, since it didn't make him the winner).

The video comes from a photo shoot taken last August and you can clearly see the eagle misbehaving.

Talk about your metaphors, huh? The symbol of America going after a presidential nominee (who may very well define evil) -- is that a sign he shouldn't lead the country?

The only way this could be more American would be if Trump was at a baseball game listening to jazz on transistor radio while Uncle Sam runs up to him and smashes an apple pie in his face.

The final product turned out okay, but, come on, the bird won't even look at the Donald. That's how disgusted he is.

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