A candidate for New York State's 53rd Senate seat is warning constituents that "civil war is coming" and they should "prepare to take the lives of their liberal neighbors" in a now-deleted post on X, formerly Twitter.

Wil Fiacco, who says he was a Democrat just a few years ago, claims he has been guided by his faith to challenge his former party as a Republican because Dems are pushing a communist and an anti-Christian agenda that he can no longer support.

Post on X. X screenshot.
Post on X. X screenshot.

"Democrats aim to destroy this country and those who love it here," said Fiacco in a tweet.  "We will fight back. And we will win."

When asked of Fiacco personally posted the tweet on X, Fiacco said he did. However, he said he hopes the current political climate won't end up in civil war, but her fears it will. He says that if we end up in a civil war, Republicans and Conservatives will have to accept the fact that they will need to "take the lives of their liberal neighbors" in order to save their country - and that's just what happens in a civil war.

Fiacco said he believed the post was still live on X, but it's believed the post was removed by X due to policy violations regarding promoting violence.

In 2022, Fiacco unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Ken Blankenbush in the 117th NYS Assembly district and afterwards, decided to leave the Democratic Party. He says, he no longer can identify with Democrats because of their ideology, their approval of supporting the woke agenda, support of transgenders in schools, and their association with the Working Families Party, which he says is a communist supporting organization. Fiacco says he now supports Donald Trump for President.

Listen to the complete interview with Fiacco below.

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