Concern over Governor Andrew Cuomo's Education Evaluation Plan brought dozens of teachers, parents and school board members out in the cold to protest in front of a Board of Education meeting at the Oneida Herkimer Madison BOCES Thursday night.

One of the Governor's proposals is that a single standardized test would make up 50% of teachers' performance review score or 'APPR,' and an ineffective rating could result in teachers losing their jobs.

Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

Lisa LoRe is a teacher in New Hartford School District and is also the president of the Frankfort-Schuyler Board of Education.

She says after these tests are given she then has to spend up to four days grading them, which takes her out of the classroom and away from teaching her students.

If teachers receive an ineffective rating two years in a row based on this system they would lose their teaching certificate and be terminated.

Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

Jim Henck is a Labor Relations Specialist for New York State United Teachers Union who feels that the amount of standardized testing in New York is a serious problem.

Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

Jamie Mcnair and his wife Jessica started Opt Out CNY to oppose the Common Core Standards that were recently laid out, and he feels the Governor has declared war on public education.

Luke Tubia, WIBX, TownSquare Media

This concern was echoed by the majority of those in attendance last night - that students are being over-tested and evaluating teacher performance based on one test is a recipe for failure.

Lorraine Burney teaches at Central Valley Central School District.

Frank Sutliff is the Principal of West Canada Valley Junior/Senior High School. His feeling is that Cuomo's plan is going to destroy teaching as a profession and hurt children in the long run.

The group says standardized testing is not a fair way to evaluate teachers, and using that system takes time away from instruction and the cost of the testing could be better used to fund schools that are losing out on extracurricular activities.

Watch a video of the protesters below: