New York State United Teachers have filed a lawsuit against the state over school funding cuts.

NYSUT is seeking the release of money withheld in July, August and September and an injunction against future withholding of or delayed school funding payments.

The lawsuit filed in Albany County Supreme Court challenges the constitutionality of unilateral executive budgetary powers provided for the State Division of Budget as part of this year’s budget process.

The union claims those unconstitutional powers have led to cuts that deprive students of their right to a sound, basic education under the state Constitution.

“Time is up,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said. “With the loss of state funding driving cuts at the local level in districts around the state, we can’t just keep waiting for action at the federal level to fund our schools. At this point, a lawsuit unfortunately is the necessary next step to compel our leaders to do what’s right: Fund our future and stop these cuts.”

The lawsuit can be read in full here. 


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