The Chief Executive Physician at MVHS was on Keeler on Thursday morning discussing the latest announcement of layoffs and extended furloughs at the Mohawk Valley Health Systems in Utica,  Dr. Kent Hall told WIBX that the losses suffered from the pandemic have placed the hospital in a position, similar to so many other hospitals across the country, where they have to make changes just to survive.

Hall said the millions of dollars lost since the start of COVID-19 have cost the hospital system significantly.  Hall said the hospital has been forced to make decisions based on survival.

Employees who still remain furloughed have had their furlough extended for another 30 days, through the middle of September. Meanwhile, employees who have been laid off for more than 30 days can reapply for employment, but will not receive consideration for tenure.

Recently. Hall said that the money needed to build the downtown hospital has not been effected by the economic downturn. Hall said that money has been placed in escrow and is available to make sure that the project continues to move forward. He said, people should expect to see the steel structure begin to rise sometime in September.

Listen to Hall's interview with Keeler here.

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