The cost of a college diploma is now the same as buying a starter home.

A new study is warning those hoping to save a few bucks on a bachelor's degree to not seek a higher education in New York, which is now one of the most expensive states to attend college.

The Most Expensive College Education in America


Essay writing hub, a service students pay for to have someone else complete their written assignments, decided to look into the rising cost of undergrad college.

The service wanted to determine how much money students are wasting by cutting corners and not getting the most out of their pricey college experience. By analyzing recent tuition costs and additional fees, the website determined where the costliest public four-year university programs for in-state students are.

Hardly shocking anyone, New York made the list - but it wasn't #1. It didn't even make the top 5, as most of us would have expected.

The honor went to Vermont, which costs local students roughly $31,000 a year to attend public college. New Hampshire trailed behind in second place with an overall annual price tag of $30,398.

Connecticut finished in third with local students paying about $30,344 a year to attend one of its public colleges, while New Jersey secured a finish in fourth place with a cost of $29,948 a year.

Massachusetts rounded out the top 5, with an annual cost of $29.689 for a public college education.

Where's New York on the List?


New York was ranked 18th overall in terms of how expensive its public colleges are. Local students pay about $25,563 a year in tuition costs and additional fees.

The reason why New York missed out on making the top 10 is because of ongoing investments into improving its public education system and reducing costs for prospective students.

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The state also has a robust CUNY and SUNY education system that are considered some of the more affordable higher education systems in the country. According to CollegeVine, it costs in-state students about $6,390 a year to attend a CUNY school and $7,070 for a SUNY institute.

If a student was to stay in the public college systems for all four years, they'd pay about $102,000 - which is about the same cost of a starter home here in Upstate New York.

Several homes in Utica are actually worth less than a 4-year public college degree. Which means prospective college students can actually save money by buying a house instead of going to college and obtaining a job in one of these fields instead.

Highest-Paying Jobs in New York That Don't Require a College Degree

Stacker ranked the 50 highest-paying jobs in New York that don't require a college degree, using annual compensation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

College isn't for everyone and the skyrocketing cost of tuition is making it easier for some people to pursue alternative careers that don't involve studying and living in dorms.

However, for those who are keen to graduate with a degree in hopes of securing a better-paying job, these New York colleges below are some of the best in state.

Study Ranks Top Ten New York Colleges, SIX Upstate NY Colleges Included

A recent study compared 800 higher-education institutions in the United States, and these New York colleges were regarded as the best in the state.

Gallery Credit: Dan Bahl

What do you think about the current cost of a basic college education? Sound off in the comments below.

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