The Village of Ilion has announced the discovery of elevated levels of lead in the drinking water of some homes and buildings in the community.

Lead is a common metal found in the environment. Drinking water is just one possible source for the metal. Other sources include lead-based paint, lead-contaminated dust or soil.

According to The Mayo Clinic,

Exposure to even low levels of lead can cause damage over time, especially in children. The greatest risk is to brain development, where irreversible damage can occur. Higher levels can damage the kidneys and nervous system in both children and adults. Very high lead levels may cause seizures, unconsciousness and death.

Officials are offering guidance on steps you can take to reduce the exposure to lead in you water.

They advise running the water for 15 to 30 seconds to flush it out, use cold water for cooking and preparing baby formula and do not boil water to remove lead.

If residents have any questions they can call the village at 315-895-7449.

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