A North Carolina father wound up behind bars after rushing onto the mats at a high school wrestling meet and shoving his son's opponent.

The incident in Kannapolis, NC resulted in charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct against the father. He was held in county jail on $1,000 bail, according to reports.

While I'm among those who is known to chastize and criticize parents who go overbaord at their kids' sporting events - whether it be youth soccer, pee wee football or little league baseball - I honestly, think after watching the video (above) I'd might possibly do the same.

If you watch the video, you see the wrestler in gray lift his opponent off the ground before slamming him almost head first into the mat. You can see the referee is in the process of penalizing the wrestler for the illegal move when the other boy's father comes rushing into the picture and slams into the kid who basically dropped his son on his head.

Don't get me wrong: I think it's absurd, childish and irresponsbile when I watch parents go nuts and act like idiots over a bad call in a youth game. It's also clearly sets a bad example for the kids. Having said that, I can't say that I'm above wanting to fight anyone who drops my son on his head.

We had a nice discussion about this on the Keeler Show this morning - check back for full audio

Do you agree? What if the kid who was dropped on his head had suffered some paralysis from the incident, or maybe a broke neck? What it change your opinion if the wrestler in black had suffered a serious injury?

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