This isn't something you expect to witness as you grab your cup of coffee on your way to work. Reportedly, it all started over a cup of "white hot chocolate". However, Hudson Valley News 12 says that things quickly spiraled out of control Monday at a local Dunkin' Donuts location. What could have caused a simple drink order to turn into violence?

Sources say the customer had ordered the drink at the drive-thru at the Dunkin' Donuts on Little Britain Road. The customer told HV12 that the manager got nasty with them over the phone, and told them that this location didn't have their specific order and that there was already a sign posted that they were out. HV12 says that when the customer complained further, the manager and a second employee physically attacked her.

The customer told sources that she was hit a dozen times in the face, and that she had part of her hair ripped out.

Sources say that employees at the restaurant have not commented yet about the incident. Police are investigating, and could press against the workers as well as the customer. .

We see the videos of fights breaking out at various fast food establishments, over, sometimes, very petty matters. A wild brawl escalated at a McDonald's back in June, and it reportedly all started because a customer wanted three different slushy flavors all mixed together. However, this was a case where employees actually were able to stand their ground and fight back against an unruly individual. The video of the encounter had circulated all over social media, showing the irate 44-year-old customer screaming at and confronting the restaurant employees behind the counter. An employee can be heard telling the others to call the cops. This only makes the customer even angrier, as she suddenly swings and hits the manager on duty in the head.

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